HomeEMBRACE |Body Butter Cream 100G |Indulge and Nourish, Naturally! ✨
EMBRACE |Body Butter Cream 100G |Indulge and Nourish, Naturally! ✨

EMBRACE |Body Butter Cream 100G |Indulge and Nourish, Naturally! ✨

₹ 390

Elevate your skincare routine and indulge in the lavish touch of our All-Skin Harmony Organic Almond Body Butter Cream. Nourish and pamper your skin, naturally. It's your key to luxurious, hydrated, and rejuvenated skin, regardless of your skin type. ✨ Your skin will thank you with a silky, refreshed glow! ✨

Suitable for : All Skin Types.

INGREDIENTS: DM Water, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Olivem 1000, Natural Color - (Alkanet Root infused oil) , Vanilla Essential Oil, Geogard ECT (Ecocert/Cosmos approved natural preservative).

USAGE: After bathing , towel dry your skin to leave it slightly damp. Scoop a generous amount of Body Butter Cream into your palms. Gently massage the cream into your skin using upward motions, allowing the velvety texture to embrace you. Allow yourself to feel the harmony within, knowing that your skin is radiant and loved.

REMEMBER to Reapply whenever you desire that extra touch of radiance.

CAUTION : DO A PATCH TEST . the art of ensuring your skin's harmony with nature's embrace. APPLY & OBSERVE FOR 24 HOURS.

**Allergies** - If you have known allergies to specific ingredients, carefully review the product's ingredient list before use. Discontinue use if you experience any allergic reactions.

**Note on Texture Changes** Our organic skincare products may undergo slight changes in texture due to variations in natural ingredients. Changes such as color shifts or settling are normal and do not affect the quality or efficacy of the product. To restore the original texture, simply mix or shake the product before use.These natural variations are a testament to the authenticity of our organic formulations. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at customerservice.themomittude@gmail.com. We are here to ensure your skincare experience is as delightful as possible.

Thank you for choosing The Momittude Store . Here's to a radiant and naturally beautiful you!

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